You’ve always wanted
to play music with other pickers

And now you can!

Let’s Pick!

Closet picking is not where it’s at ...
jamming is Fun and Fundamental!

Jamming gives you a foundation -- and it's real music!

When bluegrass lovers first pick up an instrument, they dream of making good music with friends. But too often the jam group never happens, enthusiasm fades, the instrument is put away—and the dream is set aside.

“I wish I had been introduced to this format much earlier. Isolated music is nowhere near as fun as being with a group.”

It’s not their fault! Most bluegrass teaching focuses on tab/music-reading/soloing skills — but never teaches jam skills and mostly leads to closet practicing. But bluegrass is a team sport! You can start jamming NOW if you can change between a few easy chords ... and the fun begins! Simple rhythm playing behind favorite songs is where you start. At each session you’ll be jamming, with coaching to build your jam skills.

“Thank you for this life changing experience! It has made all the difference. It provided a giant boost in getting with other pickers and understanding the rules, goals, and culture of bluegrass jamming.”

Pete Wernick has taught thousands of closet pickers to jam with his time-tested method, and since 2010 his certified teachers have taught thousands more. At a Wernick Method class you’ll learn the ground rules of jamming, how to lead songs and “fake” breaks, find melodies and sing harmonies—all at gentle tempos in a supportive, low-pressure environment.

Can’t make it to a class?

Learn Jam Skills at Home — or Anywhere!

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